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Orders could be placed by phone or Email, pickup is possible with prior coordination

The Company's Profile
One of the leading companies in marketing electronic components.
Our stock includes more than 38,500 types of components, stored in about 900 meters square and includes
Variety of components in stock: passive components, active, opto electronics, which also includes SMT components.
We also have in stock an assortment of tools, test equipment, self-assembly kits and solar cells.
Most of our clients are start - up companies, educational institutions and electronics stores.
The company is located in Nordia near Netanya, Israel. You can reach the place by prior arrangement.
We offer attractive prices, service to the customer by mail or by courier,
Vast range of components and technical advice.

New service!
Components you can't find in our stock and you find in DIGIKEY, MOUSER, FARNELL can be purchased through us in lucrative prices!
P.O Box 574, Industrial zone Nordia, Israel. Tel: +972-98821016, +972-98611607, +972-98840141, Fax: +972-98629494 Email: